9 Mistakes to Avoid in Tele-Calling to Maximize Site Visits or Meetings

9 Mistakes to Avoid in Tele Calling to Maximize Site Visits OR Meetings s

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 Mistake -1 – Forget the Main Goal of the Call. Not to Sell the Property, But to take an appointment.  

Mistake -2 – Not able to Build TRUST – i.e. is Most Important Factor in the Transactions – People buy from People, Start Pitching the Property.  

Mistake -3 – Not Giving the Introduction / Weak Introduction – Yourself, Company & Objective of the Call. – First 30 Seconds are Important 

Mistake -4 – Not able to Position yourself as an Expert in your Field. Act like a Tele-caller, You must have knowledge about Projects, Industry And Competitors. 

Mistake -5 – Give Up Easily in the First NO – Not Interested Your Sales Start when Customer Say “ NO ”.Every Call is a Sale. 

Mistake -6 – No Idea – How to Control the Call.By Asking the Right Questions. 

Mistake -7 – Not able to Take Referrals from the Customers. If Customer is Not Interested. 

Mistake -8 – Not Using a Proven Script – How to take Requirements of The Customers, there could be 30 -40+ Questions. 

Mistake -9 – Not able to Take Follow up at the Right Time. It takes 7 Times of Follow up / Meetings to Close a Transaction 

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