7 Reasons Why You & Your Team Must be Trained Professionally in Real Estate Industry

7 Reasons why You & Your Team Must be Trained Professionally in Real Estate Industry

  1. Become a Master of your GAME-If you want to Become a Gully Cricket Player then you Don’t Need any training, But if you are serious about Real Estate & Want to be Top of your Game, then you Must Need Professional Training to Sell Real Estate / Property.
  2. You & Team will be able to Convert More Site Visits / Meeting– Your Team is Trained to Fix Site Visits then 5 out of 20 Leads will be fixed for site visits / meeting, But if your team is Not Trained then you will Hardly get 1 Site Visits / Meeting out of 20 Leads and then your Team Will Tell you – that Quality of Leads is Not Good, Leads are Weak, Leads are Fake, He don’t need any things – Ye to Time Pass Kar Raha tha.
  3. Every Leads is Costing you Money – If Thousands & Lakhs of Ruppes you are spending and Investing in Marketing by doing different kind of marketing, if your team is not trained, you will waste money, you will Say I need More Leads, But about conversion from Existing leads
  4. Legal Troubles could lend you in Jail or Pay Hefty Penalty – If your team is not trained and Informed something wrong commitments are made and you get some good clients then you can end up in the Jail also, as under RERA Agents / Consultants are also held responsible for wrong commitments & Transactions
  5. Competition is Extremely High – If you & your team is Not Trained then competition can eat away you, your leads & even your Employees, and Ultimately Your Business.
  6. Close More Transaction  à If you & your team is Trained then  they can do 2-3 transaction also every single month then what happened in most of the cases 1 or 0 Transaction in 3 months.
  7. GetFREEDOM in your Business– If you as a Business Owners of a Brokerage Company have to meet in every single deal then you will not get any Freedom in your Business Because everything depends on you. If you go to Holiday then also you get a calls or if you become ill then your business will be stopped, that is not a very healthy Sign. You need proven methods you can delegate things easily to the team.

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