Do You Want To Know 14 Must Have Features In Your Unproductive Real Estate Website, Then In This Video I Have Recommended You 14 Features You Must Consider In An Effective Real Estate Website.





1. Advanced Search – People can search about different types of properties on your website like Residential, Commercial, Sale, Resale, leasing Etc
2. Sorting  – Your Website visitors should be able to sort people according to price – lowest to highest or highest to lowest or what are the latest properties.
3. Latest or Featured Property – What are the Top Featured properties or projects in your area.
4. Image, Video Gallery, or 360 Degree View –  People can feel the quality of the property and get connected emotionally with the property.
5. Social Sharing – Social Sharing option helps people in sharing to different platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Whatsapp etc
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6. Map view – People should be able to find nearest hospitals, schools, colleges, malls, facilities etc in your map view of the property.
7. Contact form and Call to Action – People should easily find how to contact you on your website on each property and on menu contact form and contact number should be present.
8. Blog – Blogs can help you in getting free traffic from search engines on the targeted keywords that your prospective buyers are searching for

9. Testimonials of Satisfied Clients – People influence people and your satisfied clients can help in getting you more conversions.

10. About us Section / Experience – People should know about to whom he /she is dealing with about your experience, background and education.

11. Listing of Project/property – Ultimately everybody is on your website to Buy, Sell or Lease property so there is no shortage of properties on your website.

12. Free Home Buying Guides – It can attract a lot of First-time buyers if you can use it as a lead magnet to attach clients.

13. Responsive Design – 80% of the people visit your website from mobile, so you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

14. Customer Relationship Management – If you have many leads, follow-ups, inquiries, big team then you need a CRM Software to manage everyone.

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